Owen White, University of Maryland, USA

Owen White

Dr. Owen White is an internationally recognized expert in bioinformatics with more than 15 years of experience.  He leads a group of over 30 scientists and engineers at the Institute for Genome Sciences who are collectively responsible for the development of nearly all production-level annotation pipelines, database systems, and tools for automated and manual annotation of genomes and metagenomic data sets at the University Of Maryland Baltimore School Of Medicine.  Dr. White’s primary role is to enable the researchers at the School of Medicine to perform state of the art high-throughput DNA sequence generation and genomic analysis.  He has also obtained funding to build a number of genome analysis tools including tools to build bioinformatics pipelines, visualization tools, and genome standards development.  Dr. White works diligently to ensure that Principal Investigators have robust data management systems for `omic analyses that are made available to the community, to disseminate all `omic data with the scientific community, to ensure all relevant phenotype and other metadata are also publically available, and to perform outreach and training activities.

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